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Toilet Cubicle Price

Toilet Cubicle Price Malaysia

If you are looking to have a reasonable and most competitive toilet cubicle price in Malaysia, contact us and have the most economical toilet cubicle price all over Malaysia with the many benefits of having an experienced team to design and install your customized cubicles according to your needs and budget.

How Toilet Cubicle Price is Measured

In Malaysia, there are a number of factors defining a certain price for toilet cubicles. Following are some of the most influencing factors that influence the cost of toilet cubicles in Malaysia.

1. Cubicle System

Choosing a specific cubicle system among Cubix, Wellbix, Purebix, Pabbix, Hybix, Rubix and Ubix would result in a specific toilet cubicle price in Malaysia.

2. Material

Opting for a specific material for the cubicle panels, fittings and other accessories like handles and door locks may also influence the cost of overall toilet cubicles. For Example, the stainless steel material cost would be different from the phenolic cubicle board.

3. Thickness

The thickness of the panels, pilasters and doors of the cubicles would also determine the toilet cubicle price in Malaysia.

4. Shape

Asking for a specific design for the toilet cubicle or the specific toilet partitions may cost you some extra bucks than the classic pre-made toilet cubicles.

5. Patterns and Designs

If you would ask for some special patterns and designs like a logo, or the company’s tagline engraved on the phenolic board toilet cubicle then it would be charged as extra accessories.

Toilet Cubicle Price at Qbix

We, the team of Qbix, have made it much easier for you to have the most competitive price in Malaysia for the toilet cubicles. Using the latest and trending technologies, we have grown so much in just a decade. When you head over to our website, you can explore your imaginations and combinations by playing with our different parameters like choosing a specific panel, plaster, door and material for your ideal toilet cubicle.
Whenever you would finish and finalize a specific cubicle, you may get a free quote from our staff for that particular cubicle.

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