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Top Toilet Cubicle Installation

The Reliable Toilet Cubicle Contractor in Malaysia

If you are looking for a professional team for toilet cubicle installation, look no further. Qbix is among the leading toilet cubicle contractors in Malaysia that also offers everything regarding toilet cubicles like customizing, designing and installation.

Toilet Cubicle Installation

Qbix has grown into a large family in a decade having multiple experienced engineers, mechanics and labourers that make the whole toilet cubicle installation process smooth from beginning to end. Whenever you book a toilet cubicle for your buildings, we provide our cubicle installation services too. If you also hire us for the installation too, our team schedules a perfect date and time to install the toilet cubicles, so there is no disturbance between the work and the installation. Our team member surveys your workplace before the appointed day to observe all the conditions of the surrounding environment, the vacant space, climate conditions and humidity levels. Depending on the survey report, our labourers and engineers pack their gear and the safety precautions, so there won’t be any unexpected delay on the appointed day.

Our Toilet Cubicle Installation Process

Following are the 5 steps that define a whole roadmap of our toilet cubicle installation process.

  1. The first step is to prepare a room by vacating it, so there is enough space for laying out the doors, panels and other toilet cubicle accessories. We make sure to lay down the panels and sheets, so no debris may damage them.
  2. The second step is marking the walls and dimensions, then fitting the U-brackets to the wall for proper indication.
  3. Step three is to fix the pilasters and partitions along with those u-brackets to create the appropriate partitions between the toilet cubicles.
  4. Step four is to fix the headrails and the doors according to the design.
  5. The last step is about fitting the cubicle accessories as hinges and door lock to the pilasters to make a complete closed toilet cubicle. Now the toilet cubicle installation is completed.

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