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Phenolic Cubicle Toilet Partitions

Phenolic Cubicle Toilet

If you are looking for the most durable and long-lasting toilet cubicles for such places that are expected to have high traffic like hotels, restrooms, schools or offices; the phenolic cubicle toilet partitions are just perfect for you. Phenolic toilet partitions are such toilet partitions that are made with phenolic board which is easily the most durable material for any toilet cubicle.

Phenolic toilet partitions are made with a strong phenolic board material that is much more durable due to its multiple kraft paper compressed layers that are polymerized together under high pressure and heat to form a strong phenolic board. Furthermore, the phenolic board toilet cubicle is laminated with melamine resin to make it water and fire-resistant. That’s why the phenolic board toilet cubicle is referred to as the most durable toilet partition and it is the best long-term solution i.e. one-time investment on such a phenolic toilet cubicle would be enough for almost 20 years.

Why Phenolic Board Toilet Cubicle

The phenolic board toilet cubicle is probably the best option regarding toilet partitions. Some of the noticeable features of the phenolic board are its durability and ability to be lightweight yet durable, water-resistant, fire-resistant, abrasion resistant and chemical resistant. That’s why this may last in its original shape for several years. Furthermore, it is antibacterial and easy to maintain because it won’t be an easy task to scratch it, so no children would be able to put scratches or abstract drawings onto it; however, you are still able to ask for an engraved phenolic board having your brand logo and tagline.

Why Choose Qbix

If you have decided to install a phenolic board cubicle toilet partition, why not choose those peeps who are among the best toilet partition providers in Malaysia. We have been working in this industry for a decade and we have been witnessing the change and revolution about phenolic boards regarding its strength and aesthetics. So, we may assist you with the most durable phenolic board having the most customized and trending printing that may add an aesthetic value to your toilet partitions. We may also provide you phenolic boards of different thickness that may be well fitted into your budget and needs.

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