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Our Accessories

Toilet Cubicle Accessories

We, at Qbix System, install high-quality toilet cubicles and partitions with extra care to the toilet cubicle accessories. From D-Brackets to L-brackets to doorknobs and coat hangers- we offer everything else too. Just have a look at our catalogue here and find the things you need for your doors and partition panels.

These, including the hinges and roller heads, are available in high-grade stainless steel, aluminium, and nylon to suit your needs. The hinges need to be firm and have a firm rust-free coating. Only powder-coating will help, and this is what we specially offer as toilet cubicle accessories.

Toilet Cubicle Fittings

At Qbix System, we have a team to ensure timely quality checks on every toilet cubicle fittings. Besides durability, this indicator thumbturn and doorknobs need to match with the aesthetics and décor too. Anything in different colour or style might stand out as a stark contrast.

We recommend you to go through our extensive catalogue and pick the styles as per your designs. Talk to our in-house consultants and designers if you need guidance on the toilet cubicle fittings your bathroom would look great in. These would come from our units to your offices, after quality checks.

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